About i-Account

i-Account is an exclusive money platform where users can make payments from i-Account participating online stores. Access your account from any PC/tablets or right from your smartphones with no space and time limitations.


Multi-currency account
i-Account is a multi-currency account. Enjoy ease of shopping thru the 20 supported currencies.

A variety of ways to deposit to
You can deposit funds to your i-Account using a bank wire or a credit card. Transfers between i-Accounts happen automatically.

Instant transfer to third-party account
The i-Account allows instant transfer to a third-party account, which greatly reduces the time delay compared with international transfer. It can also be used for online shopping anywhere on the Internet.

Required documents for opening i-Account

i-Account may ask for the following documents after registration:

  • One copy of ID (Passport or ID Card)
  • One copy of Address Proof (utility bills, i.e. electricity, gas, water, mobile phone, bank statements, driver's license or residential proof)
  • ※ All the above documents must NOT be more than 3 months old, or should have a validity period of at least 3 months.

To verify your account, an authentication URL will be sent to the Email address which you have registered with
i-Account. Please remember to click the URL to complete your i-Account opening.

※ The authentication URL will be invalid if the link is not activated within 10 days validation period, at that time you need to email support@iaccountpay.com to apply for reissue.

Security and privacy

We update and improve the i-Account system regularly to better serve users.

Account security
  • 100% safe
  • Advanced anti-fraud measures (ID authentication, real-time monitoring)
Continually enhanced online protection solution

Please keep your i-Account safe and never disclose your own information to others.

  • Check your transaction history regularly
  • Set password with high level of security
  • Update your browser timely
  • Always log out of i-Account after use
  • Never login to i-Account from a public network
Countermeasures against mail fraud
Like any financial institution, i-Account may be a target of fraud (e.g. email fraud, phishing attack, and identity theft). Please contact us immediately when you receive suspicious email.

In case you forgot your i-Account login username or password, or find a suspicious and illegal transaction, please email us at support@iaccountpay.com