Deposit to i-Account

Transactions in i-Account are available anytime and anywhere.
i-Account provides 24-hour online services and allows access from PC/tablet PC or smart phone. Automatic Email notifications will be sent to you whenever there is a deposit or transfer in you i-Account. Once you have successfully opened and funded your i-Account, you may easily access and use it with our partner merchants.

i-Account has four deposit methods

1. Bank transfer
Funds can be transferred directly to i-Account from banks around the world within 2-3 business days in general. (*Processing time varies among banking institutions and can be delayed)
2. Internal transfer
Internal transfer between i-Accounts enables immediate fund reflection. This is an ideal method for those who require instant settlement services.
3. Deposit from card
Deposit to i-Account with Visa Card or MasterCard.
4. Deposit from other company's E-money
Fund i-Account with Electronic Money issued by other institutions like Neteller.

* A notification Email will be sent to your registered Email address once the deposit to i-Account is completed.